Christianity comes at a price

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Clearly, Jesus stated that whoever wants to follow Him must lose his own life to gain it. However, laying down your life to follow Christ is not always easy, especially with no immediate benefits to see.


Christianity is meant to be a life filled with goodness only. You have all the reasons to give up everything and live for Christ.

Christianity allows you to develop a personal connection with Jesus Christ as a lifetime friend – a teacher, mentor, role model, companion, and help in any life situation.

Jesus was tempted but He overcame sin. Therefore, He can relate to our scenarios and help us go through them. You can talk to Jesus about anything and at any time.

He is always available when you need Him to help you through thick and thin. When you ask Jesus for help and forgiveness for your sins, He responds accordingly. He can strengthen you and show you how to overcome your situation and gain victory.

The world is big and scary. But, Jesus won’t leave you despite what you’re facing. Even if you’ve been lonely all your life, Jesus is there for you. He is a personal mentor, friend, and lifetime helper.

What more could you ever ask for?

When Jesus was returning to His father after resurrection, He promised to send His disciples a helper. The Holy Spirit is both a lifetime helper and a companion.

According to John 16:13, Jesus told His disciples that the Holy Spirit would lead them into all truth. The Spirit of truth would speak from what He hears and not His own authority. He would tell the disciples things yet to come.

The Holy Spirit comes from heaven as God’s guiding power and presence in your life. He’s a helper in everything and guides Christians in all things.

Christians who are filled with the Holy Spirit are aware of sins and know what it takes to overcome them. He gives Christians the power to do so.

He is also the engine that drives you forth and provides, while giving strength when need arises. The spirit also helps in your weaknesses.

If you’re not sure about your prayer points, based on groans, the Spirit Himself intercedes for you in different tongue languages. The Holy Spirit intercedes and help your weaknesses to improve your life.


Nothing can prevent you from living according to God’s will as long as you’ve got

Jesus as your head and the Holy Spirit in you. You’ll be totally joyful and a blessing in the lives of others.

At Christian Witness, we share the word of God and follow the footsteps of Christ. We don’t just help boost your faith, but make the world a better place for us all.