Symbolism and Uses of Water in Christianity

Water is life.


About 75% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. It’s also known scientifically as the medium from which life emerged. No living organism can survive without water.

Despite the widespread water presence on the planet, fresh and clean water isn’t easily accessible. Only 1% of all the water on earth is fresh and clean. Humans need clean high-quality water for drinking to survive.

Water softeners are used to soften well water and make it safe for drinking and other uses. Some of the best brands have never interrupted the everyday use of water in homes or offices. A good brand also costs an economical price for sustainable use.

Similarly, approximately 70% of the human body comprises water while 85% of the brain is water. Apart from all living things requiring water to survive, it’s also essential in Christianity.

The Bible uses water to showcase different themes and mentions them over 700 times. Some essential water symbolisms in Christianity include:

6 Uses of Water in Christianity and Its Essence

Water is the source of life

Genesis 1:20-21 and 2:6 shows that God created life out of the water, which He made a “swarm’ with life. In the second chapter, he made a stream of water emerging out of the earth to cover its surface. Life sprung out of water.

Just like in science, water in Christianity symbolizes life. Humans totally depend on it because it’s the origin of life. Water renews, sustains, and makes the impossible possible.

Compassion and intimacy

Humans have an intimate and essential relationship with water that’s unavoidable. It cleans and quenches the thirst of both animals and humans.

Just like Christ, water penetrates deep within humans, pressing closer in vapor form as air does. Jesus washed the feet of His disciples after the Last Supper, uniting the intimate and basic use of water to showcase love in a simple manner.
Christ also taught in Matthew 10:42 that giving water to children guarantees one a reward.

Water symbolizes the Christ in Humans

During baptisms, Christians descend into the water and come out as new beings. Descending in water symbolizes death with Christ while emerging out of the water shows being raised with Him. This is shown in Matthew 3, Luke 3, and Mark 1.

John 4:10 narrates Jesus’ memorable encounter with the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. In this verse, Jesus refers to Himself as the “living water” that whoever drinks would never thirst again. On the other hand, John 7:38 indicates that those who trust in Jesus allow “rivers of living water” to flow into their hearts.

The two Bible verses relate water with conversion, initiation, and renewal. It mysteriously showcases the overflowing presence of Christ in life’s depths.

Holy water

In Leviticus, the Israelites used water for purification to eliminate the “uncleanness” linked to menstruation, making contact with dead bodies, and childbirth. Worshippers and priests also used water for self-cleansing.

Individuals would also purify themselves with water prior to making their way into the precincts of a Temple for sacrifice and prayer. Catholics use holy water more frequently than Anglicans who sprinkle it over the heads of babies.

Holy water is blessed or prayed over by a bishop, priest, or pastor for baptism sacrament among Catholic faiths. They also use the water to bless themselves before entering a Roman Catholic Church. Other uses of holy water include:


  1. Blessing people and objects
  2. Warding off evil
  3. Purification
  4. Banish negativity
  5. Cleanse homes or offices
Signifies restoration and purification

Water is used in the Bible as a metaphor for divinity in action. Psalms 51 invokes water for washing Christians to be clean without actually mentioning it. It signifies God’s self or a liquid tool in His hands for inner dynamism purification.

Psalms 23:2 describes Christians being led next to still waters for soul restoration. God and water are likened to soft, cool, and bracing refreshment that soothes and awakens humans simultaneously.

Danger and freedom

God uses water as a liberation agent when He rescued the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and during the baptism of Jesus. It delivers from inner or outer oppression and enslavement.

Water breaks bonds that bind chokingly, giving Christians an opportunity to step into the day’s clear light. It has the power to free those in bondage or prison, atop being a threat to those who don’t obey the will or commandments of God.

The Egyptian army that ran after the Israelites and their leader Moses was drowned in the Red Sea. On the contrary and in reality, drought or water threaten the most vulnerable and poorest individuals in the society due to the effects of climate change resulting from man-made activities.


Christians have a deep relationship with water just as with Christ. Ranging from purification to compassion to restoration, water signifies various things in Christianity. It can also signify cleansing, life, and freedom or danger.