Learning to Be Like Christ in Everyday Life


Sustaining a spiritual life is complicated. After all, we are all chasing worldly materials and dreams. This makes it very difficult for Christians to live a fulfilling and spiritual life. Living a spiritual life requires dedication, constant prayers, and the ability to help other people. Here is how you can learn to emulate the life of Jesus Christ.

Be Prayerful

Prayer is like a stream that irrigates dry land. It is the best way to re-establish your connection to God and have constant communication. Prayerful people tend to maintain strong Christian roots because the prayer session nourishes their souls.

Christ taught us that we must pray consistently, even when we have not sinned. You don’t have to wait until you have a problem or need salvation to start praying. Make it a habit to pray twice or three times a day. Be sincere and don’t try to justify any of your actions.

Help Other People

Jesus taught us to love other people as we love ourselves. You must show compassion and goodwill to everybody you meet in your daily life. It doesn’t matter whether you will receive any rewards. A person’s smile and happiness is the most important thing. God will favorably look on you when you help people in need, especially the poor, orphans, and widows.

You can help people by donating money, foodstuffs, or your time. Most people have a monthly amount that they set aside. This amount is donated to charities, children’s homes, and human rights activist groups. The money can be used to buy clothing for orphans, help widowed mothers, or pay lawyers who help disadvantaged people in society. The funds can also be used to purchase welders that make great tools in a controlled heat home.

Have Faith

The Christian life is full of trials. At some point, you will start to question your belief in God. This is when things don’t go as you expect them to. You may think that the more you pray, the more things go wrong. This is the devil tempting you to commit sins. God will allow the temptations because He wants to determine the extent of your faith.

No matter what happens, always have faith in God. When the time is right, he will lift you out of your tribulations. Also, don’t lose hope when the wicked seem to prosper. This is also another form of temptation that you must overcome. Your life as a Christian should not be anchored on material and worldly things. Instead, it should depend on God and the Kingdom of heaven.

Spread the Word of God

Our purpose is to spread the good news throughout the world. It doesn’t matter if somebody has already heard about the word of God. You should try to understand why they did not believe in the Gospel of Christ. Evaluate their reasons and seek guidance from the Bible. Don’t be tired of explaining why they need to believe in eternal life. It would be best if you showed them the benefits arising from Jesus’ death on the cross. Your purpose is to make them understand that Jesus died so that they may not suffer in this world and the next.

Missionary work is intricate. Jesus told his disciples that it would not be easy to explain the Kingdom of heaven to the rich. Once people think they have enough material richness, they don’t need other explanations. They want to live their utopian life. As a missionary, your work will be to explain to them the importance of planning for the next life. Remind them of their immortality.

Attend Church Regularly

Jesus used the whip to chase sinners from the place of worship. A church is where God resides. It’s also where the Holy Spirit rules from. People who don’t attend church regularly are at risk of falling into temptation. Make it a habit of going to church so that you can audit your life and get inspiration from other saved souls. You will help each other and uplift those who still need guidance. The Christian battle is one that you can’t win alone. When you go to church, you meet other soldiers who are fighting the same battle.


We cannot be Christ, but we can try to emulate His life. Your life should be founded on prayer, missionary work, and faith. Moreover, you should always look out for temptations and seek regular guidance from the Bible.