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This book is a collection of messages preached at the first Christian Witness Ministries CWM Conference held in Whitby, United Kingdom, 21-25 October 2002. The speakers who participated are regular contributors to CWM's publications. They demonstrate the true nature of the phrase “broad church”. They come from a variety of backgrounds and attend a variety of fellowships. They do not agree on every point of doctrine. They do agree, however, that a certain style of preaching and writing is necessary if the church is to recover her mission and strength.

The messages are designed to encourage and equip the remnant church to build new fellowships. They cover a broad range of topics from eschatology to typology, from polemics to prophecy. It is hoped that this book will bless those who were not present at the conference, and serve as a reminder to those who attended.

siam bhayro

philip powell

jacob prasch

tony pearce

philip foster
ISBN 1 901546 1 4 4

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