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Order Form
1...Download the CWM Resource Order FORM.. [PDF]

2...Fill in the Form
  • with YOUR posting details
  • with the PRODUCT details.
  • POST the Form with cheque or money order to:
    Christian Witness Ministries,
    P.O. Box 353,
    Loch Sport, Vic 3851
  • OR FAX the FORM and your CREDIT CARD details to:
    Christian Witness Ministries at Fax nr: +61 3 5146 0270

4...Payments can be made by;
CHEQUE -- MONEY ORDER -- CREDIT CARD (Bankcard, Visa, Mastercard)
Please do not email your Credit Card details to CWM

5...ALL queries to < >

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IF you were unable to download the PDF Order Form, please download this HTML copy and follow above instructions. Thanks.

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