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Selective Response to a Roman Catholic Apologist

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Director Grace Alone Productions since 1995.

Michael Scotto was born and raised in the Roman Catholic Church attending Catholic schools, taking Religious Education, serving as an alter boy, an acolyte and as Vice-President and Spiritual Director of his parish youth group and being elected Youth Representative to the parish council. He was a regular invited speaker at diocesan youth retreats and conferences. As a student at North Carolina State University, he engaged in open-air debates with Evangelical Christians and continued his defense of Roman Catholicism as a student at The University of North Carolina. He taught Confirmation classes and was a high school level Religious Education Teacher. In 1987 he visited St. Peters in Rome. In 1991 Michael began his search for truth, struggling with Scripture and wrestling with his conscience before God. Eventually he rejected sacramental righteousness and self-righteous religion, accepted the finished work of Christ on his behalf and he was saved. Michael now worships at Shannon Hills Bible Chapel in Greensboro, North Carolina (USA). He founded Grace Alone Productions in 1995. His ministry includes speaking engagements, presentations on Roman Catholicism, authoring electronic and printed literature, and music (as part of the group Sola Fide ). Michael is married to April (nee Batts). They have three daughters (Brooklyn, Moriah, and London).

GERRY MATATICS, Catholic Apologist

Gerry Matatics formerly an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), renounced his Presbyterianism and entered the Roman Catholic Church in 1986 and is touted as one of Romes leading defenders of the Catholic Faith. Recently Gerry Matatics visited Melbourne, Australia where he gave a talk entitled CATHOLIC BIBLE VERSES TO SHARE WITH BIBLE ALONE CHRISTIANS. A recording was sent to CWM and is on file as a transcript in their office. After listening to the message several times Philip Powell was convinced that Gerry Matatics arguments could be refuted and was preparing to attempt the task himself when providentially he received an e-mail from Michael Scotto.

These events have led to A SELECTIVE RESPONSE TO ROMAN CATHOLIC APOLOGIST in which Michael Scotto refutes the key arguments put forward in that talk by Gerry Matatics.

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