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From Ian Murray

Beloved in the Lord

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Since before our eyes there is an alignment of New Evangelicals with apostasy, there must be a resolution at the local church level. Pastors and church leaders are to contend for the faith, for much has already been suffered in our churches and on the mission field. What is at stake is the very righteousness of Christ Jesus the Lord in His perfect, finished work that is proclaimed in the Gospel. Iain Murray, in his book Evangelicalism Divided, has documented stage-by-stage the clouding of the Gospel, the veiling of the very definition of what it is to be a Christian, as Evangelicals have in the last 50 years worked together with ritualistic Anglicans, Roman Catholics and liberals towards a visible unity.

The article below and attached comes to a conclusion on this horrendous embracing of apostasy. I ask that you take it before your church and that you, as a church, come a to judgment that is biblical in separation from those who have perverted the Gospel of Christ. We must pray to the All Holy Righteous God that out of all that has happened His Gospel may be even more splendidly clear for the glory of His name and the salvation of souls.

Yours in the truth and love of the Lord,

Richard Bennett

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