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Personal note from Richard Bennett

Dear Brother Philip,
The new document released September 5, 2000 by the Vatican declares that outside Rome there is No church! It is targeted at the post Reformation churches. (Greek orthodoxy is recognized to some extent). In the European Union, small churches and those who refuse to ecumenize with Rome are already being targeted as sects.
Response is needed on Internet WebPages. The analysis attached will help our brethren to see that in the words of Isa 14: 14 Rome has declared "I will be like the Host High." Knowing you, I request with confidence your posting of it. 1st copy is for Printing the 2nd for the Web
Before our All-Holy God, Sola Scriptura and salvation in Christ alone (Solo Christo) are explicitly denied! The Church of Rome states that salvation in is solely in the Church of Rome.
The response of the Reformers in their day would have been loud and clear. As they had the new printing presses, we have the Internet. I ardently desire other Pastors and elders write their own defense of the faith. Contending for the Faith is the Lord's command, we pray to be faithful in the One in whom we are accepted by grace.
In the Lord's Graciousness and Love,

Richard Bennett

Dear Friend,
It is with heavy heart that I send out the attached article.
[ "Better to marry than BURN" ]
I do not wish to add to the sorrow and grief in the hearts of many Catholics. My intention is to show the clarity of the teaching of the Lord Himself and the Apostle Paul regarding marriage and ministry so that the celibate clergy of the Church of Rome is seen to be one of the root causes of most of their present troubles in Boston and across the world. The Gospel is given with confidence that the Lord will call His own to life in Himself. With ardent desire I pray that sincere and precious Catholics see the Lord and His glorious provisions in His Gospel and in His guidelines regarding the marriage of pastors. From out of the pain may much fruit come forth to the Glory of the Lord and the salvation of souls! As the Lord leads you, please forward this article, put it on WebPages, and most of all pray that He Christ Jesus the Lord will show His Himself as the Head of His Church. He it is that rules His Church according to His written Word. In His love and trusting in His intercession,

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