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November 2006

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1) CWM Fellowship - Alerts, Notices and 'In the Media'...

2) Is there a nexus between a false gospel and sexual immorality?

3) Rick Warren’s Peace Plan

4) Police Remove Purpose-Driven Christian Protester

5) Comparing Pre-Trib & Post-Trib points of view.

6) At Church, an 'ATM for Jesus'

7) Tithing – REALLY? Is This Still Valid?

8) Labour Party (NZ) wants Christian Vote

9) CWM-CAMP/CONFERENCE – September 9 –14, 2007

10) Latest News from Richard Bennett

11) General Information

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1) CWM Fellowship - Alerts, Notices and 'In the Media'...

Christian Witness Ministries has a fellowship established in Brisbane, Australia with the URL of

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Check out this new page

Right now you will see some notes regarding Brian Houston’s associating with Robert Schuller.

See also:- .

To come - SOON - will be “Stream-Casts” of the Sunday services vailable on the day and for the week..

If you presently attend CWM-Fellowship – Brisbane please do not count this as an excuse not to go i.e. by staying at home and down-loading the sermon! (Said in jest- of course LC)

Each new message will be available for one week or until the new weekly message is posted

The web address for this will be

2) Is there a nexus between a false gospel and sexual immorality?

“If Haggard and Wagner are “evangelical”, then somewhere, somehow, without us noticing, the definition “evangelical” has been radically altered.” CWM 2003

In April 2003 on the announcement by Charisma magazine of Ted Haggard's appointment as CEO of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) CWM protested in a article that you can read at:>

Our good friend Jacob Prasch has written an excellent piece regarding Ted Haggard and his ministry, manipulation and morality.

Statement Regarding Ted Haggard

MORIEL MINISTRIES - November 9, 2006

While we regret the damage done to the cause of Christ and reputation of the church by Ted Haggard’s perverted sexual immorality, we feel a particular sense of compassion for his family and urge prayer for them.

Read on at:-

3) Rick Warren’s Peace Plan

James Sundquist has committed further study time to Rick Warren’s deceptive doctrine. He has written another excellent book entitled:

Rick Warren’s PEACE Plan versus Scriptural Teachings on Peace.

Dedicated to the churches of Jesus Christ our Saviour in the 67 countries in which Rick Warren has tested his pilot PEACE plan in 2005, the 131 countries he has been working on for the last two years, to those who speak the 56 languages in which Purpose Driven Life has already been translated, and to rest of the nations throughout the uttermost parts of the earth that he has targeted to consummate the roll-out for his plan in 2006.

This is also dedicated to the tens of thousands of churches, which have already been stolen by Rick Warren’s teachings and to the saints who were purpose-driven from those churches for opposing his teachings… - James Sundquist

The book can be read by clicking on

Prof. Johan Malan, of Middelburg, South Africa has provided a review:-

Read on at:-

LATE Breaking News – From Syrian Arab News Agency click on

4) Police Remove Purpose-Driven Christian Protester

A Christian advocate and opponent, opposing Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven teachings, was forced by the Surprise, Arizona Police to evacuate the PUBLIC PROPERTY  in front of Pastor Lee McFarland's, Radiant Church Assembly of God church in Surprise, Arizona.

Read on at:

5) Comparing Pre-Trib & Post-Trib points of view.

You might recall the link we made to the YouTube site regarding the rapture

1 Corinthians 15:52, 1 Thessalonians 4:16 etc

The following site might be of interest that compares Pre-Trib against Post-Trib.

6) At Church, an 'ATM for Jesus'

Pastor Marty Baker's 'Giving Kiosks' are catching on.

Members say they use credit cards for everything else -- why not for tithing?,0,7916395.story?coll=la-home-headlines

7) Tithing – REALLY? Is This Still Valid?

The following two articles written 10 years apart provide good teaching on the matter.

Some pastors / church leaders preach it to sustain their enterprise; some explain the truth of the matter and rely on Him to provide.


8) Labour Party (NZ) wants Christian Vote

Christian Cabinet minister David Cunliffe said Labour wanted to reclaim principles of justice, compassion and high moral values that were "part of our heritage as a social democratic party".

Read on at:,2106,3838663a6160,00.html

9) CWM-CAMP/CONFERENCE – September 9 –14, 2007

Last year’s Camp – see report in CETF Vol 12.3 (issue 37-Oct 2006) page 3 available at:

became a truly international event and was enjoyed by all.

We plan to build on what happened by returning to the same venue.

We recommend early booking.

You can check details and down-load a booking form at:

10) Latest News from Richard Bennett

The latest email from Richard Bennett can be read at

The latest videos re the Roman Catholic Church can be seen at:

General Information

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