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Willow Creek welcomes Muslim cleric's perspective

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From the Chicago Tribune

Pastor, imam have dialogue at suburban church

By Sean D. Hamill, Tribune staff reporter, October 12, 2001

For the first few weeks after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Willow Creek Community Church Senior Pastor Bill Hybels was increasingly bothered by reports of hate crimes and misinformation about Islam.

"I am so concerned by the gap between Muslims and Christians that is growing week by week by week," Hybels said, "and I thought Willow could do something about that."
That something was to have Hybels' church in South Barrington, one of the larger Christian churches in the country, invite a local Muslim leader, Fisal Hammouda, to talk last weekend about Islam to a total of 17,000 churchgoers spread over four services.
"There are some Americans and some Christians spreading rumors and half-truths that the Koran encourages violence," Hybels told his congregation Saturday. "Well, you take some stuff out of context and we've got major problems."

Hammouda, a U.S. citizen who emigrated from Egypt in 1969, is an engineer and an imam, or religious leader, in the Islamic Center in Naperville. He had visited Willow Creek in March as part of the church's world religions weekend, and he and Hybels had continued to talk in the months before the Sept. 11 attacks.

Because of that familiarity between the two men, their discussion was at times light-hearted--they even joked about converting each other--but also somber as it turned to politics and violence.

The 45-minute interview is a familiar format at Willow Creek, with Hybels talking with Hammouda onstage in a 4,500-person auditorium.

Hybels asked Hammouda questions that he said were drawn from hundreds of e-mails he had received from fellow "Creekers."

"As it started to look like it might be Osama bin Laden ... who directed the attack, what did you think?" Hybels said.

Hammouda said that at first he thought "it couldn't be a Muslim," explaining that the holy book of Islam, the Koran, does not allow violence against innocent people. "The Koran says: `Who kills an innocent life, it's as if he killed all humanity.'"

The imam also discussed the strong ties between Christianity and Islam.
"We believe in Jesus, more than you do in fact," said Hammouda, drawing laughter when Hybels, smiling, ventured to disagree.

Muslims consider Jesus and other biblical figures to be Islamic prophets, Hammouda explained, though not as important as Muhammad, the faith's main prophet.

"We call you `the people of book.' We have all the prophets from the Bible," he said.
That fact alone surprised many in the audience.

"I didn't know they believed in Jesus," church member Elizabeth Perez, 60, of Zion said after the service. "I thought it was interesting how much we have in common."
Laughter rolled through the audience again as Hammouda, discussing the true definition of a "jihad," or holy war, said it even could refer to a personal holy war to overcome, say, a desire to eat more candy.

But unease took hold when the conversation turned more serious and political, as when Hybels asked Hammouda, "Why do some Muslims hate the U.S. as much as they do?"
Hammouda said many Muslims see U.S. decisions about Israel, Iraq and Yugoslavia as "inconsistencies in our foreign policy" that favor non-Muslims.

Some members of the audience seized on these points.

Hammouda "still professes hate for Israel," said Marilyn Stoken, 69, who was visiting the church with her daughter, Leslie, 38, of Wheeling, who has been a member for two years.
After the service, Hybels said in an interview that the goal of the event wasn't to change longstanding views.

"I don't know that many views needed to be changed," he said. "I think questions were answered."

Judy Barrie, 30, of Mundelein said the interview "opened up doors to communicate and showed [Muslims are] people just like we are."

That is the kind of impact Hybels had hoped for.

"It gave us a greater sense of assurance that maybe, despite all of our differences, we can get along," he said.

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From: "Louisa" <>
Subject:Willow Creek
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 20:19:48 +0200
Willow Creek in South Africa sent out this message to me and others after someone sent them some info on Bill Hybels and the Muslim speaker he had in his church. God bless, Louisa (Address on file)


A lot of statements have arisen across the internet of a Muslim Visit to Willow Creek, We wish to set the record straight and wish you well in your Ministries,
Please pass this on as you see fit. God Bless
Willow Creek Association SA PO Box 11895 Centurion 0046 Tel: +27 12 665 4688 0861 945569 +27 12 665 0890 Fax: +27 665 2844

Statement Regarding Muslim Visit to Willow Creek

Several statements recently made in print, on the Internet, and in radio broadcasts about the October 6-7 visit of Muslim Imam Fisal Hammouda to Willow Creek Community Church contain substantial errors of fact. Well-meaning but misinformed believers have passed along and further distorted several details. For those who seek an accurate account, we offer this additional information. We begin with the purpose of Mr. Hammouda's visit. The backdrop of that service was the backlash against American Muslims and Arabs that followed the events of September 11th. Right here in Chicago, racist statements, hostile mob actions, and unfounded suspicion toward Arabs and Muslims deeply troubled us. By way of comparison, after Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans were all considered possible spies or sympathizers with Imperial Japan. Frightened Americans lashed out at people of Japanese descent, and our government interred many of them in concentration camps.
After the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, people of Middle East backgrounds or Muslim affiliation were similarly being seen by many as terrorists or at least sympathizers. To help our people grasp first-hand that such blanket assumptions were neither true nor honoring to the cause of Christ (and hinder our outreach to Muslims), we addressed this issue. We wanted to interview a practicing Muslim-not a Muslim convert to Christianity-to illustrate the moderate view of the majority of North American Muslims. These are the very folks our congregation would meet and witness to in day to day life. Furthermore, our senior pastor wanted to model how a Christian can dialog in a winsome way with someone who has radically different views. Our focus was very specific, and there were issues we chose not to address, though they are also certainly important:
  • This service was not the time to detail an apologetic of Christianity over Islam; we had actually done that in a service earlier in the year (where we compared all the world's major religions). At yet another previous service,we demonstrated the superiority of Christ over Muhammad (and other religious leaders). Here is a direct quote from that prior sermon, lest there be any confusion about our position: "Muhammad [was] responsible for killing several other soldiers in the skirmishes he and his cohorts were involved with.[unlike Christ] Muhammad often acknowledged his own sinfulness.His many followers would write and talk about Mohammed's dark side. He had one, and his followers saw it .and no matter the influence of Muhammad, when he died, he stayed dead." In inviting Mr. Hammouda, we weren't comparing "Christianity vs. Islam" so much as comparing "stereotype vs. reality" of American Muslims.
  • We were not addressing the horrible suffering of our brothers and sisters in Christ at the hands of Muslim governments and extremists in other lands. Such suffering occurs, is deeply distressing to us, but was not the purpose of that particular service.

We were instead trying to show how North American Muslims think and act, and how we as Christians can live alongside them with our profound differences yet without prejudice, suspicion, and-very importantly-in peace. As an aside, we think it fair to point out that the persecution of Christians in foreign lands is no more Mr. Hammouda' s fault, as a practicing Muslim, than the murder of abortion doctors by "Christians" here in America is somehow our fault. Mr. Hammouda consistently distanced himself (and other moderate Muslims) from approving of, supporting, or participating in those unjust, abhorrent actions. What actually happened at the service was that during the sermon given by our senior pastor, we invited Mr. Hammouda to come up on stage, sit off to one side, and respond to some questions in a friendly, respectful dialog. Mr. Hammouda was not invited "to speak from the pulpit" as has been alleged; he did not "give the message (sermon)" that day, nor was he allowed to "speak freely" to our congregation. Anyone saying or writing that he "shared the pulpit"-or words to that effect-obscures the context in which Mr.Hammouda's statements were made and ignores our intentions for inviting him.
It ought also to be clear that we do not agree with everything Mr. Hammouda said. Quoting him in such a way as to imply his views are our views (or that we intended our congregation to uncritically accept all his opinions) is to take his remarks out of the context of that service. It blindly ignores our official position contained in our Statement of Faith and represented by our public statements made in the course of 26 years of ministry.
We did not allow the truths of Christianity to be obscured in our service, despite Mr.Hammouda's inaccurate remarks. In fact, Mr. Hammouda said several things that represented only his point of view, and may not even be the views of Muslims worldwide; they certainly weren't ours. The fact that Bill Hybels did not engage in immediately debating every erroneous point-which wouldn't have been appropriate in that setting-should not be construed as endorsement of those points (especially when clear statements to the contrary were made at other times during the service and fly in the face of our official positions published elsewhere). Throughout the message and interview, Bill Hybels made clear distinctions between the claims of Islam and the claims of Christianity.
There was never any hint that we "present[ed] Islam as another truth", or that the Muslim view of Jesus (Isa in the Quran) is compatible with the New Testament view of Christ. Anyone saying that happened during the service, or suggesting that is our position is not accurate. During Bill's message, he recounted conversations with Mr. Hammouda prior to the service and said, "We thoroughly discussed our points of disagreement, which are many. I told him quite candidly I'm not nearly as fond of Muhammad as I am of Jesus Christ, and that I think the salvation plan based on grace is a lot better deal than one on works, and I liked the Bible better than the Quran.[But] when we had our disagreements, our discussions were respectful."
We readily acknowledge such respectful dialog isn't possible in many places in the world right now because of strife between Muslims and Christians. But that isn't the case generally in America where Muslims are the minority, and we as Christians desire to continue to promote tolerance without compromise-especially considering the alternative. Bill concluded the service reminding people of the clear facts of the gospel: "When people turn from their sin and their independence and their rebellion against God, and they realize what Jesus Christ did when he went to the cross and forgave their sins and they opened up their hearts to the love of God, then an interesting thing happens. God puts a new heart of love inside that individual.We're asking all of you who are seekers to open your heart up to the love of God, to confess your sin and your need for God, to put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.It's the only hope for our world." These are verbatim quotes of Bill Hybels' sermon made just moments after Mr.Hammouda's statements. One comment in particular made during the service created a huge reaction, when Mr. Hammouda said that he "believed in Jesus as much as you [Christians] do."
Such a statement to us as followers of Christ is, of course, absurd; Bill Hybels reaction at that point was to stop and roll his eyes with incredulity, and the audience laughed as well. The claim was so groundless as to be ridiculous. Some have quoted Mr. Hammouda's statement without also noting the immediate non-verbal reaction of our senior pastor and the congregation, as well as Bill's clarifying remarks at the conclusion of his sermon. They also left out the important truth that everything we stand for as a church disagrees with Mr. Hammouda's assertion. Their omissions make it seem as though we somehow glossed over Mr. Hammouda's claim or possibly think it valid. Nothing could be further from the truth.
At Willow Creek Community Church we've been building bridges to the lost and preaching the gospel for twenty-six years, and we've encouraged our congregation and churches all around the world to do the same with passion, clarity, integrity, and love. When a story like the one you heard or read comes along-with a few snippets taken out of context or quotations from a secular newspaper article-and contends we don't preach Christ as the only way to God, or that we don't know the difference between Allah and God, or Jesus and Muhammad, or that we've "spit in the face of Christ" (God have mercy!), surely we're not asking too much that you check the facts, and give our ministry and our senior pastor the benefit of the doubt.
We hope this response clears up any misconceptions you may have had. And we also hope you'll continue to support the individuals and ministries that raised concern about Mr. Hammouda's visit. Although they misunderstood what we did, we believe they are sincere fellow-soldiers for Christ, carrying on important work for the Kingdom. We're hopeful they will come to see their mistaken conclusions about us, and have the integrity to use the means they employed for misinformation to set the record straight.
----end of message---

From: "Louisa" <>
Subject: Islam, Laodicea and Willow Creek
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 14:59:26 +0200
From: Tony Wright To:
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 5:07 PM
Subject: Islam. Laodicea and Willow Creek

To whom it may concern

As a disciple of BiblicaI Truth, I feel moved to answer your rebuttal of the article written by the Newsletter of the Voice of the Martyrs. You say: "We wanted to interview a practicing Muslim-not a Muslim convert to Christianity-to illustrate the moderate view of the majority of North American Muslims." I respectfully submit that this statement is in itself one of complete ignorance. Just as there is no such thing as a "moderate" Christian, there is no such thing as a "moderate" Muslim. Just as True Christians believe the Bible to be the infallible Word of God, so too, do true Muslims believe in the Koran. "Moderates" who claim to be Muslim, are not Muslims at all - they have not read their Koran, nor followed it's commandments of JIHAD - just a few examples taken from the Koran... "Slay the idolaters [Jews and Christians] wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush." Surah IX " . . . take not to yourselves friends of them [the disbelievers] until they emigrate in the way of God; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them . . . " Surah IV
  • "When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks, then, when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds; then set them free, either by grace or ransom, till the war lays down its loads." Surah XL There are many, many more commandments of hatred and Jihad in the Koran. Bin Laden and Arafat are TRUE MUSLIMS. Those who don't believe what they believe have disregarded the Koran and are therefore not Muslim at all. Most perturbing of all, is that Mohammed says God has no Son. This is a religion of SATAN. "Christians" therefore, who allow Muslims to even voice SATAN's opinion in their churches are hopelessly deceived of all reason.
Below is an excerpt from a teaching by Jacob Prasch, entitled "The Death of Reason". I would urge you ro read it. Further to this, you will find below it, an expose of WILLOW CREEK USA and Bill Hybels. Islam - is it a peaceful and tolerant religion? We see a loss of sane thinking in the popular disposition towards the Islamic religion. Political correctness states that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. History and current history state the diametric opposite to be the case. Yet in the aftermath of September 11th, Tony Blair and George Bush Jr, rush before the TV cameras to insist that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.
  • We are expected to ignore the fact that thousands of Moslems demonstrated in Trafalgar Square against the institution of democracy, demanding that Britain adopt the feudalistic Islamic form of government.
  • We are expected to forget that Moslem history supports the contentions of Osama bin Laden that his is the true Islam and that Moslems not agreeing with terrorism and murder have apostatised from true Islam.
  • We are expected to forget that Islam admits that Mohammed was a filthy paedophile who married a 6 year old girl Aisha, and took her virginity when she was the age of 9.
  • We are expected to forget that 70-80 year old Saudi men were exposed on prime time American TV buying little girls from impoverished families in India, justifying it on the basis of the fact that their prophet Mohammed was a paedophile.
  • Islam is still, we are expected to believe, a civilised religion.
  • We are expected to ignore the fact that even small Christian girls, abducted in Moslem societies, are forcibly subjected to clitorectomy (female circumcision), often performed on queues of them with the same rusty razor blade under highly septic conditions, in the name of the faith of the Koran.
  • We are similarly expected to ignore the fact that 1,000 British girls a year are taken to Islamic countries and forced to become one of the four wives of people they have never met, often, not infrequently, blood relatives as old as 60 years of age.
  • Islam, we are told, is a moral religion and such practices, we are expected to believe, have nothing to do with Islam. Who, other than Moslems, religiously engage in such disgusting abuses of human rights? If Islam is a civilised faith of justice and virtue,
  • Where is the justice in the feudalism of nearly the entire Islamic world?
  • Where is the justice and virtue in a religion that allows paedophilia in imitation of its founding prophet, polygamy and the oppression of women, and even slavery? If Islam is the faith of tolerance, as Bush, Blair and their Moslem acquaintances insist,
  • Where does tolerance exist anywhere in the Moslem world? The answer, of course, is that it doesn't exist! If Islam is a faith of peace, as the politically correct media continually misrepresents it as being,
  • Why are there three times as many armed conflicts in the world involving Islam today, as there are all of the other religious people groups in the world put together? Once more, the White House, 10 Downing St, and CNN expect us to relegate common sense to the status of prejudice, in a new world view designed to facilitate a New World Order (a term first coined by Bush Sr), where reason becomes unreasonable. In this "new think", we are expected to believe that neither Lockerbie nor September 11th , nor the assassination of Robert Kennedy, nor the suicide bombing of American embassies, nor the endless stream of Islamic outrages perpetrated against the nation Israel had anything to do with Islam. Who did such things? Was it the Quakers? Now a Byron California school system is requiring 7th Grade students to take courses in Islam. One thing we may be certain that the syllabus will not contain, however, is the fact that no place in the Moslem world would courses on Christianity be allowed, let alone required as mandatory curriculum. Such an absence of reason means that Islam will not have to destroy the West with jihad, the West has become far too adept at destroying itself. We are expected to believe that,
  • As was demonstrated by the involvement of senior Bush administration officials with Enron, and the fact that Bush and Cheney are owned and operated by Texas oil interests, has nothing to do with their unwillingness to stand up to the House of Saud and the Wahabi sect of Islam in Saudi Arabia, which decapitates Christians and finances Islamic extremism globally.
  • We are expected to forget that Bush's father was vice-president of an administration that supplied weapons to the Islamic terrorist government of Iran, and then denied it.
  • We are expected to forget that, as a former CIA Director, Bush Senior saw American commandos training Gadaffi's terrorists in Libya, and as President he left Saddam Hussein in power and now the disgraceful Bush legacy of Islamic appeasement is perpetuated by his son, who appeared on TV after September 11th singing the praises of Islam at an Islamic institution in Washington and allowing the US postal service to issue a stamp commemorating Ramadan.
  • Islam is a religion, which interprets kindness as weakness and by calling for a Palestinian state in the aftermath of September 11th, the only signal Bush sent to the Moslem world was that "terrorism works, we are winning the jihad, allah is giving us the victory, America is making concessions out of fear."
  • We are expected to pretend that none of this has anything to do with the politics of Arab oil and the economics of petrol dollars recycled through the banks of London and New York.
  • We are expected to forget that 18 months prior to September 11th Vladimir Putin warned Tony Blair that the Islamic terrorism he was fighting in Chechnya would soon arrive in the West and that the western position towards Serbia, who was fighting the Islamic Kosovo Liberation Army, backed by Al Qaeda, was unbalanced when Blair and Clinton intervened militarily on the side of the Moslems in defiance of the NATO treaty, which only allows intervention when a NATO country is attacked.
  • We are also expected to forget that prior to September 11th the Israeli Government had repeatedly warned the White House that the Islamic terrorism they live with would soon become a reality in the American mainland, whilst Bush held a Ramadan celebration in the White House and failed to carpet bomb Kandahar and Kabul to kill bin Laden and Mohammed Omar before they were able to escape, for fear of offending the oil interests and their House of Saud partners. No-one enjoys the death of civilians, but the priority of the Western governments must be the lives of their own citizens and not the lives of Moslems in nations whose governments abet terrorism.
  • We are expected to believe that it could have nothing to do with the oil interests who control the Bush White House that America limited its response to September 11th to Afghanistan instead of launching air strikes against Yemen, Libya, Iraq and the Bekka Valley of Lebanon and allowing the Israelis to bomb Damascus in retaliation for the assassination of an Israeli cabinet member by a Syrian based Islamic terror organisation. Despite all of this and more, Bush still states that Islam is a religion of tolerance and political correctness says that we are expected to believe this obvious and dangerous lie.
  • We are expected to believe it despite the fact that in one poll, 40% of British Moslems expressed support for bin Laden. Instead of protecting British and American citizens as Putin protected Russian citizens from the cancer of militant Islam, Blair and Bush reject the clear need for the mass deportation of Moslems not holding British or American citizenship and the closure of mosques funded by militantly orientated Islamic interests and governments; but would rather leave their own citizens at risk of further terrorism. "Islam", the politicians tell us "is a religion of tolerance and peace that believes in justice". In being expected to believe that Islam is a peaceable, tolerant and just religion, we are expected to suspend our powers of reason and to pretend that it is not an irrefutable fact that there is not a single Moslem country in the world that is an authentic democracy and that there is not a single Islamic country in the world where Christians are not persecuted. Our politicians expect us to believe their rhetoric and to accept at face value the propaganda of Moslems living in the West that their religion is not one of hostility towards the West nor towards the Judeo-Christian faith, despite the fact that while the Saudi Arabians fund the construction of mosques all over Britain, America and elsewhere, these same heathen savages, who decapitate people for becoming Christians, will not allow the construction of a single church in Saudi Arabia. These are blatant facts the Blair Government and the Bush White House expect us all to ignore.
  • We are expected to forget the 200,000 Christian refugees in East Timor - Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.
  • We are expected to forget the 50,000 murdered in the Southern Philippines - Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.
  • We are expected to forget the World Trade Centre, Lockerbie and the Pentagon - Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.
  • We are expected to forget the Saudis hanging a 15 year old boy for his Christian faith while their country is under the strategic protection of America and Britain - Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.
  • We are expected to forget thousands upon thousands of Moslem barbarians rioting in the streets of Britain's cities, demanding the murder of Salmon Rushdie, a British citizen, for authoring a book they didn't like - - Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.
  • We are expected to forget the Islamic genocide in the Sudan and the church burnings in Nigeria - - Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance,
  • Just as we are expected to believe that the 1000 little British girls forced into arranged marriages abroad each year has nothing to do with Islam,
  • We are expected to believe that the Taliban, and for that matter, the entire history of Islam, with its bloody debauchery and unspeakable oppression of human rights, which continues to this day, in one Islamic country after another, has nothing to do with Islam. Political correctness has indeed gone mad and reason is a casualty of a misguided sense of what brotherhood and equality actually are. Now we are expected to further ignore the absolute and incontrovertible fact that in their own dirty and backward countries, Moslems uniformly deny to others the same rights and privileges they aggressively demand from Great Britain, the USA and other civilized nations. Taken from the teaching by Jacob Prasch: The Death of reason and the return of Jesus.


We come now to the last church mentioned in our study of the seven churches of the book of Revelation. We have been watching the unfolding of events that have led up to this church of the last days. The church of the last days is an apostate church. Apostasy means "to abandon one's faith; ie: To backslide" At the beginning, in the Acts of the Apostles, the church was witnessing in the power of the Holy Spirit and exalting the living Christ. We then saw the church uniting with the world and getting a little farther away from Him. We saw the church of the papacy of the Dark Ages, and then the Reformation Church with Christ still more in the background as man took over leadership and demoted the authority of Christ and His Word. In this last church of Laodicea we find Christ on the outside - He is knocking at the door, trying to gain an entrance. Remember that this is Biblical Prophecy - this WILL happen and, in fact is what is happening in our church today. In Revelation 3:14-15 we read: "And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I wouldst thou were cold or hot." The word Laodicea means the voice of the people. It refers to the time when the voices of the people will be the deciding factor in directing the voices of the preachers. It will not be God's Voice nor the authority of the Bible that will be presented by the Ecumenical Church. The issue will be to do what the people want and to say what the people desire to hear, rather than "What saith the Lord?" "Thou art neither cold nor hot." The Laodicean church is lukewarm - a sickening condition of hot and cold. This is what is upon us today. Lukewarm Christianity. Christianity with a compromise.

WILLOW CREEK - An example of Christianity with a Compromise. (1996)

Bill Hybels is the senior pastor of the 12,000-plus member Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. When Hybels decided to plant a church at "Willow Creek", rather than faithfully preach the Word of God, he instead took a three-man survey team through the community, asking those people that admitted to being unchurched, why they did not regularly attend a church.
The survey revealed that people:
"(1) didn't like being bugged for money;
(2) found church boring, predictable, and routine;
(3) didn't think that the church was relevant to their lives; and
(4) always left church feeling guilty (the Christian message too negative with 'sin,' etc.)." Hybels' solution was to "program our Sunday morning service to non-believers, so that the newcomers would feel welcome, unthreatened, and entertained." (Source: Hybels' 1990 message: "Who We Are at Willow Creek.") The Hybels methodology then: "Take a poll of lost people, find out what they want in religion, then make an all out effort in the church to provide what they want! Real Bible believers do not follow the polls to find out what sinners want, they go to the Bible to find out what sinners need - They get their message from the Bible! This is feel-good Christianity, lukewarm Christianity, Christianity with a compromise. There is a new men's group called the Promise Keepers, which is proving to be one of the most ungodly and misleading movements in the annals of Christian history - Bill Hybels supported their psycho-heresy by writing in their monthly magazine. The Willow Creek "campus" facility cost $37 million. [Hybels' 1994 salary was $67,000, before perks (3/16/95 ABC News Special, "In the Name of God," Peter Jennings reporting).] This was a high enough salary to warrant an ABC News Special, exposing high earning clergy. In 1997, The World magazine quoted Hybels talking to Bill Clinton on inauguration day "I praise the wisdom(???) and the leadership and the vision in your life the past four years." Hybels lauded "the development of your [Clinton's] heart, your increasing desire to know God, and to live for him. ..." What?!?!

This is the same Bill Hybels that authored many books, many of which have been proven to be unbiblical, preaching a psychologized Gospel. Psychology is not from God, Proverbs is.
Please don't misunderstand this - Bill Hybels probably believes in Jesus Christ as his personal saviour, and many, many people believe that he is a great man.
The problem is however, that the Bible says: "A little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump". When the leaven involved, involves essential doctrine, we have a SERIOUS problem. WILLOW CREEK is a perfect example of the PROPHESIED Church of Laodicea.
Yours in and because of Christ.
Tony Wright

Although Christian Witness Ministries is showing this News item on their Web Site, it does not mean we agree with the writer or the sentiments expressed.

However if you would like to debate the above article , please write to CWM at <>

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