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A real shepherd, a wolf or a false prophet

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With reference to our article about Elim, ...

Wellington, NZ,. REFER ../past_mailers/may02mm.html )

One of the guest speakers was the telepreacher Phil Pringle ( PP ) , head of CHRISTIAN CITY CHURCH - SYDNEY. Later one of CWM's contributors ( LC ) listened to the tapes of the meeting. [ Tapes on file - Ed ]
For the sake of brevity, we will quote from the sermon verbatim, and let you use your own discernment with respect to the words of this prominent preacher.

The Question being: "What do you think is under this sheep clothing-?
Is it -- a real shepherd, a wolf or a false prophet?" (Matthew 7:15)
Phil Pringle ( PP ) was recorded at Wellington on the 19th March 2002

PP " The atmosphere you create will attract spiritual power. Spirits live in spiritual atmospheres. You can create an atmosphere that attracts God or repels God."

PP then describes how Jesus wants to clean up certain areas, and focuses on the toilet.

PP "Jesus came to 'clean us up' ".

PP further describes how Jesus wants to clean certain areas of our lives that are 'messed up'.

PP "He wants to clean up the brown smears on the bowl".

Then in reference to the atmosphere (in the toilet) PP continues on.

PP "The power of God is a tangible force."

PP goes on to describe the power of God as 'stuff'.

PP "The stuff of God can actually live in your clothes. It can get in the carpet, it can get in your hair. The stuff of God, the anointing. This stuff can get into your body and heal it. This stuff can get into your bank account. Praise God, now we're talking amen. I need some of that in my bank account. It's imparted through the laying on of hands. It's inside your body, when you lay hands on people it travels."

LC - The whole idea that God is stuff is in essence Monistic. I.e. The concept that creation and God are essentially one and the same. It is a materialistic worldview and not supported by the Bible.
The Holy Spirit is NOT 'stuff'. "The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God" Romans 8:16 "
...and he shall give you another Comforter , that he may abide with you for ever; 17 [Even] the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, ..." John14:15 .
Doesn't this mean His spirit is intertwined with ours?
As well, P. Pringle refers to the Holy Spirit being like electricity - an extension of matter.

Watch and pray brethren, be careful whom you listen to. Remember the Berean principle. Acts 17:11 Warn others.

Another teacher by the name of Elizabeth Alves ( EA ) was also present at this same conference.

You may have heard of these teachers referring to PROPHETIC ACTS.

What you are about to read will either make you laugh or cry at the depth to which those who purport to be Christ's teachers have fallen.

Elizabeth Alves together with a select few, namely a music team and three intercessors say they were led of the Lord to go to the center of the GOBI DESERT (outer Mongolia).
There, they claim, they were led to do the following:-
  • 1. Bury a book in the ground called 'Inside a Woman'.
  • 2. Bury a tape in the ground, called 'I Will Be Exalted Among the nations'.
  • 3. Bury a Bible in the ground. 'That the word of God would come forth from the ground.'
  • 4. They were then led to give the ground Holy Communion.
She then built a memorial out of 24 stones (carted into the desert!), one for each tribe of Israel and one for each Apostle - with their names on.
She then started twirling around and saw visions of her ancestry and friends including her 'spiritual Mother'.
She claimed, that as a result of this PROPHETIC ACT, she later held the first Christian conference ever in Mongolia.

LC -WELL, are you laughing or crying?
Write to < > and give us your reactions.
The people clearly teach ideas NOT supported by the Bible. This then makes them false teachings.

If you have fellow believers who are exposed to any of these tapes or teachings, advise them to leave and seek elsewhere.
If you hear talk of 'PROPHETIC ACTS', ask them where their Biblical warrant is for such utterances.


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