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Open Letter to Brian Houston
Dear Brian:

Vanguard has published the first in a series of articles in which we plan to examine and do our best to expose the false doctrine in  which you are now entrenched and which you are pursuing. As you should know I have done my best to engage in dialogue with you and with others of my former  colleagues. Your (their) stone-wall policy has made it impossible for me to do  other than what I am now doing for the sake of those whom you are deceiving and leading astray

I have tried to discuss matters with Andrew Evans and with your father, Frank, who told me that he was referring my correspondence to his solicitor. I told him to go ahead and have heard nothing since. That must  be more than a year ago now. I have been invited to do a Radio Interview which will proceed, God Willing, on October 19, 2000 and which will in all probability  include matters relating to your book "You Need More Money" and to the grandiose Australian Christian Churches that you and the modern Pentecostal  false revivalists have set up. Frankly I consider what you have done to be an  insult to the other Christian groups in Australia who would not want to be a  part of what you are projecting in the false Prosperity teaching in which you  are engaged. I believe you are engaged in a con and that  your pursuit is condemned by Peter the apostle in 2 Peter 2:3 "By  covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words: for a long time their  judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does not slumber."

I remain open to discuss this and any other issue with you and/or with anyone whom you care to nominate so long as I also have an  opportunity to choose representation if you make it other than private. I am  copying this to a number of key people as witnesses and will do my best to make  the issue as public as possible.

May the Lord Jesus Christ be honoured and praised in all things. You may know that I have now returned to Australia. My contact details  are as follows.

Yours sincerely in the Love of THE Truth,

Philip L.  POWELL.

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Has not appeared in any CWM yet. On Web site 01/10/2000 Sent to B Houston 22 Sept. 2000. Sent again 2 October 2000 as Open Letter.

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