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*1.. The Bible is composed of the Old Testament & the New Testament.

As an experiment let’s remove the covers and SCAN all the test into a COMPUTER.

Open up the scanned books in your favourite WORD PROCESSOR and use SORT to group together all the Books that relate to ISRAEL at one end.

Question is then;

How much of the Bible text is directly related to Israel?

In the Old Testament this would be: Hebrew Scriptures ( After Genesis Chapter 12.

except Job. ) In the New Testament this would be 1 & 2 Peter, Jude, Matthew 1-13, Hebrews.

Strictly speaking parts of Revelation.

We find that a BULKY 80% of the Bible relates to Israel.

- which leaves a thin, skinny 1/5 about us - the Gentiles-

*2.. Israelology p376 primary purpose of ML

*3.. Ibid p427 lessons from the ML

*4.. Romans 3:23 all fallen short

*5.. Adam & Eve established as God's agent, to tend the flora & fauna - to regularly communicate & worship with God and bring up their children physically & spiritually perfect. Satan tempts Eve & Adam by questioning the accuracy of God's instructions. Unfortunately they fall into the trap and ignore the instructions re the Tree of Life. The deliberate ignoring of God's word / instructions is known as 'Sin'.

*6.. (Rom 1:20 creation)

*7.. (p1962 “Ryrie Study Bible”) Some claim that Abraham started THREE monotheistic religions. Let’s be clear about this point. [A]Abraham & Sarah started Jewish people (Judaism)

[B]Abraham & Hagar started the Arab people (Islam) (through A & S eagerness to please G-d ) & G-d being faithful blessed this child as promised.

[C] A seed (Jesus) from A & S Jewish people introduced Christianity. This connection does not make these 3 religions of equal value or favour.

Abrahamic Covenant: (Gen 12:1 -> 17:end)(Gen 13:15-16)(Gen 26: 2-5)(p572 Israelology) (Still in force)

-UNconditional & eternal

-started the Nation of Israel (Gen 22:17)

-would start over Nations e.g Abraham & Haggar (p566 Israelology) -> Ishmael blessed with oil & numerically but unable to be peaceful with neighbours.

-Abraham & Sarah -> Isaac -> Jacob(Israel) This branch becomes the race of choice.

-God sent them to Egypt as Hebrews to escape famine & to be built up numerically before they made an exodus to their land as Israelites.

Moses tells them that;

-God chose them because of His love for Abraham & Sarah. Deut, 4:37

-God chose them because they were few in number & weak & therefore couldn't boast about their superiority.

-God chose them to be a holy Nation.

-God chose them because He was intending that the Messiah would be born from amongst them.

-God chose them to be a Nation of Priests to represent the great I AM

-God chose them to promote His plan to ALL individuals, both Israelites & non-Israelites (Gentiles)

-a land of their own.

-the people would always survive. (Jeremiah 31:35-36 ) (p778 Israelology)

-blessings to other races & people who bless Nation of Israel

-curses to those that curse Nation of Israel

-A & S died before the promises were fulfilled, yet their faith was strong enough to “know” that the promises would be. {Messianic Jewish Epistle p156+} Ref Heb 11:8-22

.(p570 Israelology) Isaiah 43:10-12 (Gen 12:1 -> 17:end) (p572 Israelology) (Rom 9:4 )

*8... (p1962 “Ryrie Study Bible”) Land Covenant (p581 Israelology)(Deut 29:1->30:20) (Still in force)


Affirmed Nation of Israel would possess the promised land.

Israel will be scattered

Israel will repent

Messiah will return

Enemies of Israel be judged

Genesis 15:18, 17:8, 35:9-13, 48:4, Exodus 23:31

*9... (“Ryrie Study Bible” p1962) Davidic Covenant (Israelology p583)(2Sam 7:11b)


Messiah/Saviour would come from this line.

*10... Mosaic Law (Israelology p588) Ex 20 ->Deut 28:68 Rom 9:4


"Do what I ask & the Nation of Israel will be blessed & made righteous" (Israelology p634, 734)

law given by Moses (from God)

designed to keep Nation of Israel, as a group, separate from Gentiles. Eg dress, food, ritual, worship

designed as obligation for those Gentiles who wished to be proselyte of Judaism (Rom 3:19+)

designed to reveal holiness of God

designed to show standard of righteous expected (Rom 7:12)

designed to show nature of sin (Rom 5:20 Rom 7:7) which in turn shows individuals can't DO anything that (Rom 7:14) will please God (under the Mosaic law)

not designed as a means to gain Salvation, as this process only COVERS over the sin.

Sets the stage/scene for the son of God to render the Mosaic Law inoperative and no legal for believers. Jesus becomes the "object of faith" through which each can be saved.

Relied on a family of priests- these died & needed replacing & training. {Messianic Jewish Epistle p111}

justification reached by external methods

*11... New Covenant (Israelology p586, p633, p634) (Jer 31:31) (Heb 8:13)


to be accepted or rejected by each & every individual & the answer to be written on each individual heart

destined to take over from the Mosaic Law

Rom 8:1-4 points out the necessity of being saved in faith

to regenerate Nation of Israel

provision for permanent FORGIVENESS of sin

dispenses Grace law of the Messiah

"you are (individually) blessed, so now go & do"

relies on one eternal priest.{Messianic Jewish Epistle p111}

internal justification

*12.. "Sketches of Jewish Social Life" Jesus was the continuation, development, and fulfillment of the Mosaic Law & Old Testament. In doing so He removed the overburden, the extra added material , the traditions., work-righteousness. (Israelology p611 )

*13 .. (Luke2:36)(Luke2:25)

*14... Not pre-announced in the Old Testament. Mystery Kingdom- a time between the first & second coming of the Messiah. (p612 Israelology) Matthew 13, Eph 3:3-5. 9: Col 1:26-27

*15.. Jesus allowed Himself in obedience to His father, to be crucified on our behalf. To say that He would have been unable to stop the crucifixion is not true.. Also Gal 3:13-14, John 10:18

Refer “The Foundations of Faith” Chapter 22 & Acts 2:23

This was someone who:

turned water into 1st grade wine healed leprosy, blindness, the lame

raised from the dead, walked on water, knew where to fish, controlled the weather, walked through a mob determined to kill him, seamlessly restored a cut off ear, fed 5000 people from a boy’s lunch, healed an official’s son from afar relieved devil possession

*16.. (p781, p784 Israelology) Second Coming

*17 ..In his book “There Really is a Difference”, p19, 21 Renald Showers talks of the pros & cons of each. Also in “Israelology”, Messianic Jewish Epistle p336

*18.. The Mosaic Law needs a Temple (for the EXTERNAL covering of sins) in Jerusalem.

So there has been several modifications to the Mosaic Law to allow Good Works & allow

meeting in a Synagogue as a "work around" to obtain righteousness.

*19.. before

a) - the Temple was destroyed

b) - the sceptre left Israel (Gen 49:10)

*20.. In Daniel chapter 9:24-26, we are told the exact time that Messiah is supposed to come.

It says that the Messiah is to come 69 weeks after the decree to rebuild Jerusalem.

The problem arises when one acknowledges that three decrees were given for this task.

That of Cyrus in 536 B.C., that of Darius between 531-486 BC., and that of Artaxerses in around 454-434 BC.

The Messiah was supposed to come 483 years after one of these decrees.

In any case, He was supposed to come between 53 BC. and 49 AD.

*21.. “Footsteps of Messiah” p97 RE-establishment of Israel

*22.. God has made it known that there would always be a REMNANT of Israel (1 Kings 19:15+) who would be faithful- in every age Messianic Jewish Epistlep319, p336, p340

Calls to individual Jews to recognise their already-come-Messiah would be to join the "remnant of Israel". (Membership requirements changed when the Messiah arrived)

There is Remnant of Israel which place its trust in the Lord, while the balance remains discouraged or apathetic, individual Jewish people can (& have) experience the new birth (Rom 11:11) & be part of the (Israelology p612, p789) Remnant of Israel. - Messianic branch. {Messianic Jewish Epistle p10}

*23.. Under the New Covenant Gentile believers were recognised as "people for His Name". (p638 Israelology)

Thus calls to individual Gentiles to leave the flocks of suspect shepherds would be for them to join in with the "people for His Name".

There is no spiritual difference/distinction between individual Jews & Gentiles after each has been baptised in the Holy Spirit, although cultural differences remain & are followed separately.

*24.. Olive Tree Romans 11:11-16 , 24 “Footsteps of Messiah” p 794 Israelology” p743 ,“Hebrew Christianity” p31

*25.. Romans 11:15+ their act of rejection is our gain

*26.. p636 Israelology Gentiles

*27.. Romans 3:29 God of Israel, God of Gentiles

*28.. Revelations 22:18 'do not add to this work...'

*29.. Hebrews 12:1 'in a race'

*30.. anti-semitic. This term refers to both Jews & Arabs

*31.. Romans 12:2 'Renew your mind...

*32.. Genesis 12:3 bless or curse those that do same to you

*33.. Messianic Jewish Epistle p167 Both NT & OT believers look forward to the MK.

*34.. Messianic Jewish Epistle p213 Dispersion Acts 8:1

*35..Roman 1:20

[ Numbering deliberately left short...]

*40.. Genesis 16:12 Ishmael effect

*41.. Hebrew 9 perfect sacrifice for ML & now the Priesthood for Israel & Gentile

*42.. “There Really Is A Difference” p31

*43.. p416 The Messianic Jewish Epistles 2 Peter 3:8- Psalm 90:4

*44.. Tribulation. Also known as Jacob's troubles. Ezk.20:33-38. Jer.30:4ff

*45.. Refer Balfour Declaration - promised the establishment of a national home for both the Arabs & Israeli. The leaders of the Arabs refused to sign and still refuse up to this day.

*46..Israel My Glory p40 Jan/Feb 2004 “PA Hate Crusade” Incitement advanced throughout the entire socio-educational structure.

*47.. “Time Immemorial” Joan Peters. Switched her sympathy from Arabs to Jews.

*48..(p799 Israelology ) Boundaries will one day expand to Biblical pegs.

*49.. (p718 Israelology ) (Ez 36:22+) (Zeph 2:1+)

*50.. Israelology p742 stumble 1Cor1:23 Romans 11:11-15

*51..Mark 13:31

*52..Their biggest offense, as a nation, was not in killing Jesus (p783 Isr), but in refusing to accept Yeshua as their Messiah.

*53.. Spiritual Warfare: Eph 2:1, Eph 6:10-18, 2 Cor 4:4, 2 Corinthians 10:3, 1Peter 5:8, Rev 12, Ezek 28 :15, Isaiah 12:1-5, 2 Thes 2:1-9

*54..Refer *44

*55*.. “There Really Is A Difference” p24 Needs to use allegory to achieve sense.

*56..“There Really Is A Difference” p105 New Covenant promised to Israel, yet only the Gentile believers are enjoying the benefits.

*57..Ibid p106 New Covenant to be enjoyed by Israel ONE DAY!

*58.. Genesis 15:18, 17:8, 35:9-13, 48:4, Exodus 23:31 "Israel My Glory" Jan/Feb 2004 p 42 time of Gentile over when

*59..“Israelology” p518 Future of Israel

*60..“Israelology” p769 time of Trib.

*61.. Is 28:14+ , “Israelology” p788-789 - Collectively the Nation of Israel must repent in much the same way individuals need to do, to be saved.

*62.. “Israelology” p684 Israel in the New Testament

*63.. His aspiration is to have a dedicated group, who of their own free will, are joyfully worshiping Him, in spiritual harmony with Him, showing His glory, thereby encouraging others to join in.

*64.. see #26

*65.. Refer *14

*66.. Judaism: has many sects/divisions within-212. Started with Abraham & Sarah (Approximately 4000 years ago).

The Abrahamic Covenant (AC) - still in force today – sealed with God Himself. Some clauses of this UNconditional AC still to be fulfilled.

The Nation of Israel (NoI) (as a unit) was CHOSEN to represent & present God to all other non-Jews. The NoI, as a unit/group,was to be the sales force – the promoters - for Jehovah God. Hard to separate Judaism from the Jewish people. The OT traces the ups & downs of this relationship while the NoI awaited the Messiah. Worship & sacrifice to God was carried out under the Temple system. Yeshua/Jesus came to the leaders (of the NoI) and offered to set up the “Kingdom of God”.and thus “complete” the task of the NoI. This offer was rejected. So the 12 Jewish apostles were commissioned to spread the Good News to both the Jewish people & non-Jews (Gentiles/us) – i.e. Every One. Thus Christianity (followers of Yeshua/Christ) was born. As prophesied, Temple was sacked (AD70) and Jewish people scattered (again). Today Judaism is fragmented and aimless. As predicted by Jesus/Yeshua the question over whether Jesus/Yeshua was the long awaited Messiah is a stumbling block to further progress by the NoI.. The Messiah was predicted to appear at the time of Jesus/Yeshua –so if He was NOT the Messiah who at the time was?

Today there are four main kinds of Judaism:

Mosaic, Talmudic, Messianic Judaism and Israeli Juridical. *1

It is maintained that this state will persist until the Leaders of the NoI finally accept the offer from Yeshua/Christ to set up the Kingdom of Heaven. Because the NoI was non-existent from AD70 to 1948, some of the non-Jews consider the NoI is no longer the apple of God’s eye.

There is a (Mosaic) movement in Israel (2005) which is planning a new Temple building of the temple mound. The model has been built & is on view. Furniture is being made. A source of pure red heifer is being established. The Sanhedrin has been re-established (Tiberias, 2005) with plans to move back to Jerusalem.

first...Mosaic Judaism, is what you read in the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Tanach, our "Old Testament".

That was a Judaism that has not existed since 70 AD. Temple sacrifice & worship was central to this.
Refer 2 Cor 3:3+

The prophet Daniel said the Messiah would come and die before the second temple would be destroyed. Whoever the Messiah was, He had to come and die before the second temple was destroyed, according to Sanhedrin 96b -- the Mishnah.

In fact, people call Isaiah 53 the forbidden chapter.

The Talmud actually says there's a curse in reading Daniel 9. Why? The time of the Messiah's coming is foretold in it. The Messiah had to come and die.

Many Jewish people will ask, "If Jesus was the Messiah, why are there still wars?"

They don't understand.

Daniel said when the Messiah comes(came- as the son of Joseph) and dies(died), wars are determined to the end with desolations.

He brings worldwide peace at His second coming -as the son of David.

second...Talmudic Judaism.

And it was founded by Rabbi Moshe Yochanan Ben ZaKai at the Council of Yavne in 90 AD.

He was the classmate of St. Paul, from the school of Gamaliel.

He was in the same group of rabbis that was trained by Gamaliel, the grandson of Rabbi Hillel, from the Pharisaic school of Hillel.

It is a tale of two Rabbis.

There were two classmates:

Rabbi Saul of Tarsus and Rabbi Ben ZaKai.

When the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD Rabbi Yochanan Ben ZaKai was smuggled out of Jerusalem in a box, in a casket, and he convened a council where the Hebrew Canon was agreed upon -- our Old Testament. He said, well instead of a temple, now we will have a synagogue; instead ofa high priest, we will have a rabbi; and instead of the OT sacrifices we will have more Mitsvot (good works) as the redemptive covering for our sins.

Every Jew will follow one of these two classmates, either Yochanan Ben ZaKai who had no assurance of salvation, or Rabbi Saul of Tarsus who had the assurance because Yeshua was his Messiah.

Talmudic Judaism is NOT the Judaism of Moses and the prophets.

It is a hybrid -- the same as nominal Christianity.

It comes in various forms.

Hassidic (Kabalistic believers in Jewish Mysticism), Orthodox, Conservative and then the Liberal Reformed who are basically humanists. TTJ religion has more to do with culture and ethics than with real belief.

third..Messianic Judaism

It is what Paul and the Apostles observed.

It's that Judaism which says Jesus it the Messiah who fulfilled the Torah.

However, within the Messianic movement today there is the good, the bad and the ugly.

fourth...Israeli Juridical.

Several years ago they decided that you are not a Jew if you had a conversion to another faith, especially if you had mikve-brit, if you were baptized.

Even then it was a politically charged decision.

Now when you look at those four legal definitions of what constitutes a Jew in terms of legal status you realize that there's no consensus. There is no legal consensus and no religious consensus.

They make arbitrary decisions based on political expediency to define Jewish identity.

*67.. Messianic Jewish Epistle p318, Keys of Kingdom

*68.. (Rom 11:11) 1 Peter 2 Messianic Jewish Epistlep345, p346, Remnant to believe Also *22

*69.. “Israelology” p789, Matthew 25:32 – Judgment anti-/ pro- semitic Joel 3:1-3

*70.. “Israelology”p766 future of Israel

*71.. Israel My Glory p10 Jan/Feb 2004 & Ezk.36:12,24 –37:11,12.

*72.. Obviously if the Bible can be discredited then then these covenants can be set aside. There are a great number of people who allegorically interpret the Bible and show that their version of the 'church' has REPLACED Israel in God's affection. Refer to "Replacement Theology" or "Development Theology" Gen 17:7-8 Deut 7:9 Lev 26:44,45

*73.. “Israelology” p624ff, 726ff, 783 rejection of offer lead to...

*74.. “Israelology” p807 – Gentiles will help Jews. . (Is 14:1-2 Is 49:22-23 Is 60:1-9).

*75.. There is a way to completely destroy the Jewish people but unfortunately it involves destroying us along with them. [ Jer.31:35-37 ]

*76.. 1 Peter 5:8 devouring as a lion

*77..(Israelology p616) was rejected Matt 12 :22 – 45 Matt 23:2

*78. Matthew 24:1-2 Temple destroyed

*79. Matthew 23: 37-39 MK postponed

*80.. For our education. Avoid same mistakes 1Cor 10:6, 2Cor 3:14, Ecc 12:13+

*81..TWO regatherings.

1=UNbelief EZ 20:33-38

2=Belief Footsteps of Messiah p89, 409 Also *44

*82.. Temporary Interim time of Gentiles Romans 11:25 Refer *58

*83.. 1 Cor 12: 12-13, Galatians 3:28, Colossians 3:11 Same in Christ

*84.. Tribulation-Abomination Dan 9:27 Matthew 24:15 2 Thes 2:4 Rev 11:1

*85 Let me define the term Spiritual Leaders of Israel- this is the committee of important religious leaders- the Sanhedrin - which were set up by God & Moses to ensure that the Word and the 10 commandments were explained in clear terms to both the governors and people of Israel. Thus what the Spiritual Leaders said – the people & governors carried out. Matt 23:2

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