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CNN bias Can this be true?

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CNN bias Can this be true?
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From: Charles Golan
Wednesday, November 14, 2001 8:10 PM

For the last few years we have watched CNN's unbalanced, pro Arab coverage of the Middle-East conflict. This fact may (or may not) explain CNN's biased coverage: Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Tabel bin Abdel Aziz al Saud (the one

who offered Giuliani 10 million) has 16 billion invested in American companies, including 932 million in CNN's parent - AOLTime Warner. (Oct 22 Time Mag, pg. 22).

Through the years CNN has pushed a pro Arab, Anti Israel agenda, by giving Arab representatives more airtime, by selectively reporting on Palestinian casualties while ignoring the ones on the Israeli side.

CNN also (more frequently than not) uses active text when Palestinians are killed: "Israelis killed Palestinians", and passive text when Israelis are killed: " Israelis were killed" (not mentioning that they were killed by Palestinians).

Another example of CNN bias is their reporting of the frequent attacks by large groups of Palestinians against Israeli army posts with few soldiers in them. The soldiers have two choices-get lynched like the ones the Palestinians lynched in Ramalla, or defend themselves. While defending themselves, they kill a few of the attackers. CNN headline will usually read something like "Israeli soldiers shoot and kill five Palestinians."

CNN does not report that the Palestinians caused the incident.
CNN has also failed to report that following the September 11 tragedy, the Palestinian Authority confiscated reporter's tapes that showed Palestinians celebrating in the streets the deaths of thousands of Americans. The Palestinian authority also threatened reporters, and told them that they cannot guarantee their safety if they continue to reports these celebrations.

And CNN has taken to calling the terrorists who destroyed the WTC buildings and hit the Pentagon "suspected hijackers". JR (verified) (Reuters has done the same - responding to pressure from the Arabs and out of fear for their Middle East reporters' safety).

Until recently, there wasn't any alternative to CNN and therefore we all watched it. Lately however, a great and better news channel - FOX NEWS - started 24 hours a day service. The coverage is much more balanced, honest and fair. Israeli representatives are given equal time to express their side, and the news reporters are much more objective in their comments.

We would like to ask all the people who care about Israel, about fairness, truth and honest reporting to BOYCOTT CNN and start watching FOX NEWS.

You might also want to write to CNN and tell them what you are doing and why. It would also be a good idea to write to the companies that advertise with CNN, and ask them to stop supporting such a biased organization.

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