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Volume - 10.4 - Issue 31 - January of 2005

Prayer of Preparation
Revival in the 18th Century
Old Testament Pray-ers: Moses
Biblical Grace
Philip Powell N Z Tour
The New Gospel
Editorial 31
Revival? What Revival?
Bill Randles Australian Tour
Revival in South America?
Your Letters
Stem Cell Research
RCC Charismatics
Unmasked: Copeland: part 7

Volume - 11.1 Issue 32 - April of 2005

Incitement to religious hatred
Ecumenism & the gospel of unity
Grace in the end times
The Catch the Fire case
Sum & substance of all theology
Your Letters, News & Views
Daniel Scot's testimony
Double faults, not aces: Margaret Court
The Purpose Driven Lie_1
Editorial 32

Volume - 11.2 Issue 33 June of 2005

Evangelicals praise the late pope
CWM New Zealand: Finances
Remembering the Reformers
Death of John Paul II
The Vicar of Christ
Your Letters, News & Views
Fads: When religion goes wrong
Heretics and Hypocrites
Rhema and Logos controversy
The Purpose Driven Lie_2
Mormonism, part 1

Volume - 11.3 Issue 34 November of 2005

CWM – it’s camp meeting time
ICMA Ministerial Association
Answering bright atheists
Muslim–Christian dialogue
Israeli disengagement
The Festivals
Day of reckoning
Use of the Law as a battle-axe
Australian Outback tour
The Jesus Catholics worship
Your Letters: news and views
Islamic teaching re non-muslims
The Purpose Driven Lie_3
Mormonism, part 2
Ladies Corner: Modesty
Tolerance and discernment
Editorial 34
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