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Volume 4.1 - 1998 January/February

Promise Keepers - Deception
Letter to Randy Philips, President of Promise Keepers
New Year 1998 - Where To Now?
Civil War In The Church
Benny Hinn and Necromancy
Faith Movement- Spirit of Serpent
Bureaucracy Or Honesty -- Where do you fit in?

Vanguard - NZ1 and OZ1

It May Be TODAY!
Seeking Revival FOR God’s Sake
A Tale From Yester-Year
After Many Days
Holiness unto the Lord
Old Or Young Church
The NT pattern in a 1990's church
Islam - Faith In The Bible?

Volume 4.1 A - 1998 May                 

Brisbane AOG resigns

Volume 4.2 - 1998 June/July/August

Contemporary Christian Music
Brother Andrew
Music And Ecumenicism
Anti-Missionary Bill-Israel
CWM Resources
Home At Last
Policy Change
Clash Of Ideologies
Promise Keepers

Volume 4.3 - 1998 November/December

Rick Joyner, Paul Cain, Knights of Malta and Sadham Hussein
Annual Report- Vanguard
Peniel Unmasked
Do all roads lead to Rome?
Creationism or Evolution
The Gospel according to Gumbel
Tell them their SIN
Love not the world
Israel and the Role of God's people-the Jews
Set theTrumpet to your mouth
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