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"Contending EARNESTLY for THE Faith" (CETF)
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PHILIP POWELL of CWM is always interested in coming to your area and working in with you or your organisation - in any country.
Philip & Kathleen POWELL PO Box 648, SPRINGWOOD , QLD 4127 Australia ... Phone + 61 7 3423 1511 Fax +61 7 3423 1611

If you would like Philip to talk to the people in your community please contact us by email at Email CWM with your request> to make a booking and discuss travel costs. Philip as an experienced speaker can talk on most subjects, including the one you give him prior warning about.

In addition- you can receive the two CWM publications by sending your name and postal address to us at < >.

To receive our regular electronic mail News letter, send us a BLANK email with the word "mmsubscribe" <> in the Subject field.
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