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Communications from several people about Hillsong

We present here for your perusal, communications from three different people . Up to this point they were not at all aware of each other concerns regarding alleged abuses and "strange" doctrines at of the AoG and CLC (Christian Life Centres) - Sydney. As you read these -ranked in order of date- please be aware that the footnotes have been added by Christian Witness Ministries, unless otherwise stated.

Because of the length of these three communications, with comments, we have put them on separate Web Pages for your ease of reading.

In addition, Geoff Bullock, who composed a number of the songs that launched Hillsong, has contributed the history of the world-famous Hillsong Church that is now the centre of the scandals *1 that have rocked the Pentecostal Church scene *2 in Australasia. This is the church where Brian Houston, son of veteran pastor Frank Houston, who pioneered CLC, is Senior Pastor. Brian is also currently National President of AoG in Australia.

We have decided to place the publicly available Hillsong Statements on a separate page to allow you to see them in their entirety. To aid the linking of pertinent comments, we have reproduced the relevant portion of the Statement preceeding the comments. Although the points and concerns arising from these writings are particular to the AoG and affiliates, they are also present in many other Christian groups around the world.

The Apostasy being discussed here reaches beyond the AOG - from Brethren to the Roman Catholic Church. Refer to the Letter to Laodecia ( Rev 3:14 )

The current interest by practically everyone in the World, in things spiritual, means that Christian individuals should be constantly practising the Berean principle. ( Acts17: 11 )

At the same time it is no longer any problem to open a conversation about someone's spiritual life. The problem is to sort out what the shepherd ( Matt 18:6 ) believes. It is made even harder when the leaven (doctrine made up by the shepherd) introduced by the Shepherd is kneaded in with the Truth.

In the June 2002 Vanguard reference was made to a particular aspect of the Australian AoG. Contained in that article were some observations that are pertinent to this article
Observation 1
[ abridged ] Why should the "church" try to hide things of public interest or concern? Men who have misused their positions of public trust? They and those who shield them should be open to stringent scrutiny, as should their peers who know the facts and yet fail to make an open disclosure.

If you doubt what I write then just read Ephesians 5: and observe the strong implication in Paul's teaching that those who hide or cover up evil doing are guilty of complicity.

Verse 7 -"therefore do not be partakers with them."
Verse 11 -"Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove {expose} them."
Verse 13 -"All things that are reproved {exposed} are made manifest by the light: for whatever makes manifest is light."

Covering up and criticising those who expose sin and crimes are very serious matters. At times it can lead to what is called "aiding and abetting", which, when related to a crime, may be punishable in law.
Observation 2
[ abridged ] The Christian gospel is essentially about forgiveness

In Colossians 3:13 we are told to forgive one another "as Christ forgave us."
How did Christ forgive us?
Did He ignore our sin and simply forgive?
The answer is, "No He confession and a turning away from our sin.

"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness" - 1 John 1:9

Actually in view of this truth we would be doing Houston, Williams and Mesiti great disservice if we failed to follow the course we are taking. But there is another matter of confusion here in so many people's thinking. Forgiveness is really not something that we can do in respect of the actions of leaders like Pat Mesiti, Frank Houston, and Jim Williams unless we were one of their victims, which raises another important reason for our action as a watchman ministry within the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ - to reach out a hand to the victims. They should be encouraged to come forward.

CWM undertakes to respect the confidentiality of any victim who contacts us.

Their sin was against God, themselves, their families, associates including the church family and their victims. Our action, if it is accepted in the spirit in which it is offered, will help them face God, their victims and all those others whom they have affected, including the worldwide settings where they have "ministered". Far better to face things now than when we all stand before the Lord at the great bema judgment seat, if in fact we make it.

In respect of our watchman ministry the several solemn warnings of Ezekiel are never far from my mind.

We must expose and warn about Church leaders who sin in public office and who are not properly disciplined.

If we don't then God will hold us accountable. In doing this it is inevitable that we will be misunderstood in our motives and in our methods at times even by our friends. I have been prepared to face that eventuality, but what is so disturbing about the current scenario is that over-look acts which may have criminal connotations in their attempt to judge our motives.
On the one hand they tell us not to judge and on the other they judge us. In doing so, in this case, they overlook the nature of true forgiveness and the debt that leaders, who commit criminal acts, owe to society, which they should be made to face. To cover-up crime has criminal implications. We are not prepared to be a party to that.
Observation 3
[ abridged ] Why is it that some discern that things are not right, while others just go along with it?
The early Pentecostals were people of discernment but some of today's leaders seem to be lacking in this essential ingredient. I think it has to do with doctrine, priorities, method and motives.
CWM has long argued that false doctrine (Nicolaitanism) leads to immoral living (Balaamism) and vica versa.

If your doctrine is wrong your living will eventually be affected and that sets up a vicious circle. This process alters priorities. We must keep Christ central to our focus and our drive. If He is replaced by anyone or anything we cease to be truly spiritual, which militates against discernment. In the current climate Christ has been replaced with Church Growth, prosperity and an unbiblical over-emphasis upon the Holy Spirit.

Prosperity -- finance -- the culture of the Kingdom of God? This is a philosophy from hell. All of this affects method. Instead of preaching Christ and Him crucified another gospel about Church Growth or money or sensation seeking is proclaimed. The Holy Spirit withdraws and soon "ichabod" is written over the work, worship and ways of what has become by that time an apostate church.

Discernment is the first thing that goes.


*1 & *2 Readers will have also noticed that the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England (also called -Episcopalian or Anglican) are having wide - unwanted no doubt - publicity regarding 'homosexuals' and 'abuse' of parishioners. CWM recommends that you apply the Berean principle, constantly. (Acts 17:11+)

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