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Philip Powell

Check out this page for various articles, using streaming sound.

The Bride of Christ Series is a 12 tape series packaged in a large book-like plastic cases to fit your bookshelf. We provide part of the series above. Purchasing the entire series from our bookshop will help fund this ministry.

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General Teaching

Sermon Audio - Hundreds of sermons you can listen to.

Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul

John MacArthur's Grace to you

Ray Comfort's "Hell's Best Kept Secret."

Chuck Swindoll

The Bible Answer Man - Hank Hanegraaff

A.W.Tozer Archives

James White - Alpha and Omega Ministries (Lots of debates with Catholics...)

Dave Hunt & the Berean Call

The Word for Today - Chuck Smith

Ariel Ministries (Bible teaching from a Jewish Perspective)

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