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  Symphony of scripture is in Sydney...
BIBLE search and resource tool. Click HERE...  Rev Philip L. Powell meets here in Brisbane.  Dr Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum re the Jewish Perspective

  Welcome to the International Christian Ministerial Association

 Gentiles have been grafted in on a temporary basis. Wild Olives talking about the Jewish persceptive to Gentiles.

Forgotten Word --Web Site of Polemics (defending Faith)

 Iowa, USA Pastor Bill Randles at

Follow the Lamb Ministries Follow the Lamb Ministry.

CWM in swedish CWM on a Swedish site
Hughie Seaborn site    Hughie Seaborn Web Site
Richard Bennett site   Richard Bennett, Berean Beacon.  Beacon at Richard Bennett

Moriel site  Moriel World Wide Site

The Berean Call  Dave Hunt's research is always impeccable. Write The Berean Call siteto: The Berean Call, PO Box 7019, Bend, Oregon 97708, USA to obtain the Dave Hunt Newsletter.

Potrait of Hank Hanegraff   Hank Hanegraff of Christian Research Institute & EQUIP. Call at

mike oppenheimer web page   Mike Oppenheimer can be found at

Jackie Alnor Web Site Find The Alnor Report here and visit Bill & Jackie Alnor at

 Jackie Alnor  Also Jackie is at

Apologetics Society link Apologetics Society -- Wellington branch at

-- Out of Wellington, New Zealand

Well worth the visit MANDATE Ministries Web Site --

 DISCLAIMER: Even though CWM has these links listed on their official CWM web site, it does not mean CWM throughly endorses everything the other web sites publish. We have NO control or input into their policies, but at the time of CWM publishing their links, they were considered to be travelling along the same Christian WAY as CWM. Links will be removed immediately their published articles are at vaariance with CWM policy.

Plaudits & Awards

In November 2000, CWM was awarded a MERIT from the organisers behind This was for the layout and content of the CWM site...thank you for that encouragement.

Welcome to Christian Witness Ministries About mid 2000 CWM received this award for being an outstanding Web Site

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