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However CWM is approached from time to time by Readers wishing to help pay some of our Printing and Postage expenses for AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UK.
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Statement of Accounts - Y.E. June 2004 Australian


Balance Carried Forward $1,079.00
Donations $13,581.40
Resource Sales $51,203.06
TV Income $9,872.85
Conference $1,148.90
Offering: Bill Randles $982.65
Capital Loan $10,000.00
Interest $10.65

Total Income $87,878.51


Products / Resources $25,674.29
Postage $13,792.95
Stationery $786.30
Printing $19,128.25
Electricity $264.75
Phone / Fax /Email $2,741.89
Merchant Bank fees $956.74
Gov’t Bank Fees $115.50
Freight $120.00
Plant & Equipment $165.50
Maintenance / repairs $175.10
Insurance $402.97
TV Programes $9,500.00
Conference $1,591.20
Air Fares: Dave Hunt $386.50
Offering: Bill Randles $982.65
Loan Repayments $10,000.00 Interest $291.65

Total Expenses $87,076.24

Income $87,878.51
Expenses $87,076.24

Unpresented Cheque $402.97
Unpresented Cheque $2,436.96
Balance: at Bank $3,642.20
( as at 30th June 2004)

Loan Monies Owing

($22,345.00) 2004

CWM - Australia

Accounts are managed by

Mrs Maureen O'Brien
P.O. Box 353, Loch Sport, Vic 3851, Australia

NOTE: All CWM Resource Material is kept in Australia.
Contact the Australian address or

CWM New Zealand a NZ IRD registered Charitable Trust.

C/O Cornish & Associates Ltd (Accountants)
Lawrie Cornish
PO Box 15 159,

Phone: +64 4 939 1110

These figures do not include hidden expenses such as phone/ fax, postage, email, website and internet costs, etc, which are carried by CWM team members based in Australia and throughout New Zealand.

IN December we will begin the eleventh year of ministry since we launched Contending EARNESTLY for THE Faith (CETF) in November 1994. As we look back we give thanks to God for His guidance and provision through His people.
In addition to Jude’s command to contend for the faith, three other Bible texts featured in our launching CWM:

“Your people shall be volunteers in the day of your power” —Psalm 110:3.

“Him we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect (mature) in Christ Jesus” —Colossians 1:28.

“And Abraham called the name of the place ‘The-LORD-Will-Provide (Jehovah-jireh)” —Genesis 22:14.

The first has guided our operation to date. No one, including me, is employed by or receives a salary or wage from CWM. The team of volunteers who handle the distribution of our publications and resource material, the management of the databases and the growing internet activity has become a small army. Our writers do so on a voluntary basis.

The second Bible reference has provided our policy as to the MESSAGE (Christ), the METHOD (warning and teaching) and the MOTIVE (make disciples and not merely get decisions).

The third has been our financial policy. What the Lord initiates He pays for through His people on a voluntary basis.
When we launched CETF the Philip and Kathleen Powell family had no visible means of support. So the work of CWM would succeed or fail as the Lord provided.

From time to time finances have been very close to the bone. In fact if it were not for some who have shared our vision and have helped by way of substantial loans we would have gone under. These loans have accumulated to being in excess of $20,000 in both New Zealand and Australia. We feel that it would be irresponsible of us to continue without drawing the situation to the attention of our readers in this part of the world.

The large regular costs relate to printing and postage. We mail to approximately 5,000 addresses each issue, from Australia and New Zealand including some to third-world countries. (Last issue print & post from OZ was $6,000 for 3,000 items and from NZ approximately $4,000). We have stated that we will not remove anyone who can’t contribute and have made it a policy not to make money the basis of the CWM ministry in any way. This means that we have now reached the crossroads and must decide whether the Lord is indicating a new direction for us and for CWM. We seek your prayers as we face important and hard decisions before our next mailing, which is scheduled for December 2003.

If we stop printing and distributing the magazine, many will lose the teaching and warning material that we publish, and it will be difficult to inform people about our other Resource Material, which many have benefited from. Frequently readers tell us that it is good to have someone who has vetted books and tapes that can be offered with confidence. We have built up a reasonably large resource base, which has to be continually added to and publicised, which does cost money. The Internet may provide a partial answer but not everyone uses the Internet and we think that having a hard print copy of the magazine or CWM Resource Catalogue in your hand is beneficial. Also a magazine is useful to inform readers about ministry tours, e.g. Dave Hunt, Bill Randles and Philip Powell mentioned in this issue. To discontinue the distribution of the CWM publications in either Australia or New Zealand would, we think, be a great shame.

There are two "Income and Expenditure Statement of Accounts"
The bottom line in both countries is the same — insufficient funds to meet the next printing and mailing costs.
Some suggestions are made after the statement of accounts. We ask you to think and pray about these, then mail the response form to your national CWM office. Thank you and God bless you.

Yours in the Love and service of Jesus our Lord,

CWM from its inception has operated on a financial shoestring budget. While recognising that money is needed we have sensed a restraint from the Lord to make it a major issue.

"You cannot serve God and mammon" - Matthew 6:24;

"Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding" - Proverbs 23:23

are two very important truths on which we seek to operate.
We don't charge for either of our publications, but send them out freely to all who request them.
In addition we offer other good Resource Material as a service and part of the ministry.
The financial help from this is minimal.
Largely CWM operates on a donation basis.
No one is paid a salary.
We all operate on a voluntary basis - all over the world.

On leaving New Zealand we had to relinquish any form of control of what had been the base. In line with the Lord's promise to me back in the early 90s wonderful volunteers came forward to accept responsibility for "managing" the day-to-day function of the ministry but more than that, just before leaving for Australia friends from Wellington invited me to do a series of meetings in their city, which were marvellously owned of the Lord. We met new supporters. Later a team was formed to advise and promote the Christian Web Sites of CWM and the Wellington Christian Apologetics Society (WCAS). One of the members of that team is an accountant, who has kindly accepted an invitation to help with the CWM accounts. He prepared a statement of accounts, which was published, God Willing, in March 2001 CETF.

We value your prayers as we move ahead and we give thanks to God for His faithfulness. I have learned that God is never in a hurry, but He always arrives on time. Recently things were more tenuous than usual, especially with the NZ finances. Quite unexpectedly Bill Verrent received the following note from Maureen O'Brien, manager of our Australian CWM office:

"I have received an anonymous donation for $2348.00 Aus, asking me to forward to CWM NZ office. Will post a Cheque to you tomorrow (Monday 02/10/2000)."

At the time CWM NZ owed CWM OZ just over $1,000 for goods provided, which was settled from this donation with the balance being transferred. This is just one incident, which recounts God's faithfulness. Just before going to press I received the following note from our office in NZ:

"We "snail mailed" to you yesterday, 20th Oct copies of the current a/cs for N.Z. Post and Stanton Print, for the Vanguard publication. They were sent to more people than previous (increasing numbers on data base) and the total was more than $5,000 (N.Z dollars). We were able to pay on time, but the bank account is almost empty now. Is this how it has always been?"

Yes, CWM has always existed on a Hand to Mouth basis. As George Verwer, Director of OM, used to quip "from God's Hand to our Mouth".
God is never in a hurry, BUT He always arrives on time.
Another token of His faithfulness a bit earlier was when our Web Master desperately needed help to purchase a computer programme and extra funds to expand the Web Site.
Again the need was met through God's people.
Jehovah-jireh - thank you Lord.

We are now receiving commendations and thanks from all over the world for the blessing and help received by those who visit our web site.

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