About Christian Witness

Christian Witness is a platform that shares the Good News about Jesus and the salvation he brought us all. We share the gospel and spread the word of God to help reach more souls worldwide

We Help Individuals to Develop a Personal Connection with Jesus.


 We help individuals to develop a personal connection with Jesus. We also provide information and knowledge of the Holy Spirit. With our teachings, you’ll understand who the Holy Spirit is and how to be filled.

We also base our teachings on the word of God in the Bible to help you receive victory over sin. You’ll be able to overcome all temptations of darkness and the sin that comes with it. It doesn’t mean that you’ll become sinless, but at least commit to avoid conscious sin.

Sin in the world causes misery in the lives of Christians. But, you can set yourself free from misery. Just like the wind, anger, impatience, jealousy and lust can leave you empty and miserable. You’ll constantly yearn for things that don’t give satisfaction.

We help individuals overcome sin using the word of God so they can find peace and joy. The happiness that comes from sin is temporary while that from God is a victorious joy of living your life to the fullest.

At Christian Witness, we also help our readers to develop the virtues of Christ to be changed into His image. Jesus overcame sin and was victorious. He was also free and had the power to bless people in everything they do. No sin held Him back.

No sin gets in the way of the Lord. Jesus overcame all kinds of sin ranging from selfishness and greed to lust and pride. We’ve been called into this world to overcome sin and serve God in truth and spirit. You’re transformed into Jesus Christ’s image.

According to

Galatians 5:22, the Holy Spirit gives fruits such as peace, joy, kindness, love, faithfulness, longsuffering and goodness to Christians. With the Holy Spirit and His gifts, you become more like Christ. You’ll receive real joy, become happy and make others happy.

Christian Witness blog also shares the word of God and knowledge to help you develop happiness in this earthly life. As indicated in Jeremiah 29:11, God has good thoughts of you. They aren’t thoughts of evil but a hopeful future.

You’ll develop a peaceful and restful life with no worries. Even with natural disasters

What We Do

Christian Witness shares the gospel of Christ worldwide through this platform. We’re a team of Christians who love and yearn for Christ.

Jesus sent His disciples into the world to share the gospel with both the Jews and the gentiles. Today, Christians share the same responsibility that Jesus assigned His followers before ascending to heaven.

We also help those going through trials to seek strength and help from Jesus himself. He helps those who love and acknowledge Him as God. Most importantly, Jesus we help other Christians walk the life of faith and prepare to be the perfect bride of Jesus, ready for His second coming!

At Christian Witness, we do nothing less. We share the Good News of salvation that Christ brought to the world to save us from sin. He tore the veil so we can access the father directly through Him.

He nailed our sins at the cross so we can receive eternal life and salvation from our sins. We teach the gospel and share the message of Christ to reach new souls across the world.

Jesus is the resurrection and the life (John 11:25-26). He is the way to eternity. If you believe and live in Jesus, you shall never die. And, the Lamb of God and the Good Shepherd shall lad us to the living fountains of waters. No more heat will strike you and He’ll wipe away all your tears (Revelation 7:16-17).

We teach obedience and how to get eternal life through Jesus Christ.

 Mission and Vision


The mission of Christian Witness is to spread the gospel and teach the Good News of salvation.


Our vision is to reach every soul worldwide with the Good News of Christ. We desire that everyone can get eternal life.